Attention Vocalists...

We are currently looking for talented Singers and Vocalists for Recording Projects!

Ash Foxx Studios is currently looking for talented singers and vocalists for recording projects. If you can sing or if there is anyone you know that can sing, then contact us with your information and we will be glad to hear what you've got. Please be mindful that we can only work with a very limited amount of people, and will be very selective with the few that we choose. Regardless, we truly appreciate all entries.

We are currently looking for singers & vocalists in the following genres:

Rock, Country, Country Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk / Acoustic, Alternative

Currently not working with: Rap, Hard Rock / Metal, Hip Hop

If you are interested, simply contact us and we will take it from there.

Ash Foxx

CEO & Founder of Ash Foxx Studios

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